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Have you voted for your favorite shelter yet?

Previously on the blog, we introduced readers to America’s Favorite Animal Shelter Contest that runs until July 10.  NMAS Intern, Michelle Wong, writes today about her choice and their innovative programming…

For this year’s America’s Favorite Animal Shelter Contest sponsored by Care2, Adopt-a-Pet.com, and the ASPCA there’s a snazzy place I’d like to nominate that is filled with love and compassion.  The Santé D’Or Foundation, a nonprofit, no-kill, holistic animal shelter, is a place where animals are rescued, cared for, and given homes.  Located in Los Angeles, California they operate through donations and currently house cats, rabbits, and dogs.

The animals that are rescued and brought into Santé D’Or are given a second chance of finding a loving home with individual pens cleaned daily, three square organic meals, clean filtered water, and plenty of recreational activity.  Litter boxes are cleaned multiple times a day and fresh vegetables are provided from the farmers’ markets for the rabbits; these animals are encouraged to exercise, socialize and sunbath.  Due to the tender loving care from volunteers these rescues learn to trust humans and show affection; Santé D’Or has rescued and given homes to nearly 1,400 animals so far.

“The mission of Santé D’Or Foundation is to rescue and provide shelter and holistically-based medical care to animals, while attempting to secure them permanent homes. We act as an educational resource in our community through our rescue and adoption services and community outreach efforts.”

There is a diverse group of individuals all with distinct personalities that are suited for different families.  Some are shy and quiet while others are more amusing and rambunctious, but each have their own perks and can offer companionship. All of the animals have their vaccinations, are spayed or neutered when they reach the appropriate age and are house-trained.  The physical and emotional health of the residents are a top priority as the name Santé D’Or or Health of Gold implies and each are given proper and immediate medical treatment when needed.  Since the animals are given time to socialize with other before they are ready for adoption they make ideal additions for households with multiple pets and/or children.

It is because Santé D’Or is able to provide a nurturing atmosphere for animals in need while operating only through donations and volunteers that I have given them my vote for this year’s America’s Favorite Animal Shelter.  Santé D’Or appreciates their volunteers by providing them with refreshments and prizes through monthly raffles.  Rather than trying to clear out pets as soon as possible, each adopting residence is given a home check first to ensure that it is a good fit for the animal under consideration.  Pets can also be returned if the owners or pets are unhappy since the well-being of the pets is most important.

Sante D’Or is opened Fridays through Sundays to the public for adoptions, although you can also find a profile and match through PetFinder. Donations and volunteer opportunities are also available through their website at www.santedor.org where you can make a difference in an animal’s life.

To vote for Sante D’Or or your own favorite animal shelter, click here.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding animal shelters, adoptions, or cute kittens and puppies we’d like to hear them!  Was your fluffy or scaly companion also a rescue, and what joy have they brought into your life?  Do you want to recommend an animal shelter for volunteering or adopting?  Then please comment, and remember “a dog wags his tail with his heart” –Martin Buxbaum


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