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Making the Dog Days of Summer Fun for Fido

Dogs love the beach too. Image via Wikipedia.

Dogs love the beach too. Image via Wikipedia.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, today marks the official start of the notoriously-sweltering “Dog Days” of summer. Many people believe the hottest time of the year got its canine nickname from the perceived laziness of dogs in hot weather; when the temperature and humidity rise, us humans may even describe ourselves as “dog tired.” However, the phrase actually dates back to ancient Rome, when the “Dog Days” described the period when the “dog star” Sirius (so called because it’s the brightest star in the dog-shaped constellation Canis Major) appeared in the sky right before or at sunrise. The Romans believed Sirius’ close proximity to the sun enraged the star, which took its anger out on the earth by cranking up the heat.

We offered some tips in our July 4th post on how to keep your dog safe and cool during these blazing summer months. But summer is also a time for vacation, relaxation, and outdoor fun, and there’s no reason why you can’t include your canine companion in these joyous activities. Many guardians find spending time on the beach to be a great way to bond with their dog. Just make sure it’s a dog-friendly shore – PetFriendlyTravel.com offers a comprehensive list by state of beaches which welcome dogs.

Here are some essential tips on how to keep your dog safe and happy during a visit to the coast:

  • Come prepared. Know the rules and regulations of the dog-friendly beach you choose to visit. Some require dogs to be on a six-foot lead at all times; others allow dogs to be off leash. ALL require you to clean up after your canine companion. Following the rules ensures that the beach will stay dog-friendly, for everyone to enjoy.
  • Pay attention. A dog-friendly beach is sure to be full of other dogs, as well as enticing new sights, scents, and people. Your dog has plenty to get excited about, and may over-exert herself. Watch your dog at all times, and make sure she isn’t wandering off, getting into fights, overheating, or bothering unfriendly strangers.
  • Watch out for danger. Beaches are prime places for your dog to pick up sand fleas or sea lice, or perhaps have a nasty encounter with a crab or jellyfish. In addition, dogs can ingest washed-up trash or get entangled in fishing lines. So be on the lookout.
  • Don’t let your dog drink seawater, as the salt can dehydrate him, and the pollutants can make him sick.
  • After swimming, rinse your dog with fresh water if it’s available, and give him a thorough bath as soon as you get home. Salt and other chemicals found in seawater can irritate a dog’s skin.
  • Of course, remember to always provide plenty of fresh water, protection from the sun, and a blanket or towel to sit on and rest those hot paws.

Want to know more? The American Kennel Club offers a great page of summer safety tips for pooches, including how to safely introduce your dog to swimming if it’s her first time in the water. The beach not your scene? Check out the State of California’s tips on visiting state parks with your dog, or the National Park Service’s official list of cautions for animal guardians.

What kind of summer fun does your dog enjoy? Any additional need-to-knows for guardians bringing Bowser to the beach for the first time? Leave us a comment!


2 responses to “Making the Dog Days of Summer Fun for Fido

  1. molly bot July 7, 2011 at 10:14 am

    I never knew or thought to look up etymology of “dog days” but now that I know that’s absolutely fascinating!

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